Civil Engineering

The complete concept, design, and site operation from taking over sites, traditional and piled, the foundation works, general construction through to final completion and hand over for occupation and use for all types of buildings and structures. Including specialized modern construction designs and finishes, luxury villas, interior decoration, landscaping, drainage and sewer schemes, hospitals and schools, and industrial complexes, are some of, but not limited to the areas of civil engineering activity.

Electrical and Mechanical Work (MEP)

Design, plan, implement, and execute complete electrical and mechanical installations it includes HVAC work. Cold stores, sanitary installations, electrical installation, fire alarms, and firefighting systems, extra low-voltage systems including BMS, MATV, CCTV, telephone, sound and security systems.

Interior Fit-out

For more than two decades, Al Riyadh has been creating spellbinding interiors with intricate craftsmanship for clients to enjoy a refreshing ambiance. With unmatched elegance and a touch of class, we are specialists in interior decoration works, joinery, furniture, furnishing & case goods, and provide turnkey ID solutions to luxury hospitality, prime residential, commercial sectors, and high-profile residences.
Our uniqueness in approaching each project, executing the minutest of detail to perfection, and delivering beyond expectations has earned us international acclaim. We work collaboratively with owners, developers, international designers, and consultants translating concepts to life.
Solutions for Turnkey projects, restoration, and fit-out works are built on sound management principles, highest quality standards, and ethical business practices.
We have successfully grown our customer base by leveraging market expansion, project execution expertise, and international know-how. With a competitive business portfolio, Al Riyadh is the ‘Preferred Partner of Choice’ for clients across the Middle East.

Specialized hospital infrastructure & Medical Equipment Installation

Al Riyadh group is Specialized in hospital infrastructure development and in Medical equipment installations, since the inception. Having completed many project work in renowned Medical facilities and hospitals in Bahrain with Safety procedures and protocols in mind, all the projects are taken care of with optimum level of client satisfaction. We earned the trust of Many Hospitals and completed sensitive and complex work involved. We are renowned professionals in undertaking and executing specialized development work with our expertise since the year 2000. University Medical Centre, Alkindi Hospital, and BDF new Hospital wing are few to mention as our prime projects.

Safety Statement

Safety is the “first Priority” and no compromise with safety, that is our company policy.

The company has its Safety officer and his direct responsibility to develop new safety standards and implementation of safety practices among the company people.

Implementation of safety practices is also the responsibility of every individual working in the company. Following good safety practices creates safe working environments.

Hazard identification will be prepared, reviewed, and approved prior to commencing any activity. The copy will be distributed among the craft people who have involved that particular works.

It is mandatory that all the employees working in the company must attend a “Safety Awareness Course” conducted by the company safety department.

A safety inspection will be conducted for every equipment and machinery and it can be put in service only after obtaining the approval.

Quality control

Al Riyadh Technical Services Quality control policy is to deliver products and services confirming to Quality plans and contract requirements. In order to meet this objective, a quality control plan has been developed by the company’s expertise in accordance with international and local quality standards.

Industrial services shall be in accordance with the specifications, and related international industrial standards.

This quality assurance standard establishes the basis for the quality assurance plans implemented within the Al Riyadh Technical Services organization. It states the requirements, assigns the responsibilities, and prescribes the principles governing activities that are the key to quality. Compliance with this standard is mandatory and applies to all company projects

The overall responsibility for the Al Riyadh Technical Services QA/QC program rests with the QA/QC Engineer & designated inspectors. Authority and organizational freedom have given to personnel performing the QA/QC functions.

All company personnel shall adhere to the contents of this QA/QC program and no deviations from the methods set forth herein shall be permitted.


The main purpose of the policy is to,

A. Increase personal safety,
B. Systematically monitor the working environment in order to reduce damage to health
C. Systematic treatment of loss of time and near-miss accident to prevent
D. Reduce the accident frequency within the worksite.

SAFE Practice of Work

Prior to any operator starting work, he will be made fully aware of all risks involved in carrying out the operation and how to minimize the associated hazards. In order to manage the control of hazards and risks, it is essential to follow some fundamental principles.
A. If possible, avoid the risk completely, by using different materials or methods if they are not essential to the activity.
B. Wherever possible, adapt work to the individual, especially in the choice of workplace, equipment, and methods of working with the aim of reducing monotony that contributes to potential hazards.
C. Take advantage of technological progress that often makes work safer and more efficient.
D. An active and safety culture must exist and be assured so that the principle of risk prevention is part of everyone’s attitude at every level in every activity.
E. Incorporate preventive measures in a coherent policy to progressively reduce or eliminate risks.