Health care infrastructure

Al Riyadh technical service, the most wanted partners for all the major health care and lifeline machinery manufactures in the world to associate with in the country. We have the history of almost 100% installation history of the imaging and scanning machines installed so far in various hospitals in the island.

Our history is one of innovation - one marked by creative approaches, as well as the development of increasingly sophisticated systems, reflecting a unique blend of technical expertise technologies.

Superior responsiveness to customer needs is another al Riyadh technical services hallmark. Whether involved in consulting and engineering projects or monitoring and preventative maintenance programmes, the company's engineers and support staff take special pride in their ability to serve clients in an efficient, individualised and effective manner.

Successful completion of the University Medical Centre, a 52 clinic hospital for Arabian Gulf University within a short span of 7 months is the latest edition of our success story. The University Medical Centre has been selected as the National winner for MEED quality Award for 2013

Extensive financial resources and a highly skilled and dedicated team of qualified and experienced managers, engineers, foremen and skilled technicians, means that al Riyadh technical services has the necessary infrastructure, technical expertise and rich experience to handle electromechanical contracts of any magnitude in all disciplines.

Single point of contact for all your needs is another advantage of al Riyadh. We provide a single point of contact to all our customers and we are sure that this will boost the comfort level of our customers to deal with us.